Our Story

Meet The Founder

"When I started Coco & Wild, I wanted to create a bar of soap that everyone would enjoy. 

For me, in my personal struggle with dry skin my entire life, I knew I wanted to create something that would help me and others alike. 

I wanted to create a bar of soap that not only helps your skin but, looks beautiful when not being used."

- Paola, Founder + CEO

Our Values

As a body care brand, I wanted to focus on making products that are not only sustainable for the planet but also beneficial to your body.

Our products are made to nourish and cleanse your skin.

I believe that what you put in your body will translate to your soul.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment here at Coco & Wild is to show transparency and honesty within our community.

We stand by the ingredients that we put in our products.

We even created an ingredient index so, you can learn about our ingredients and why we chose them.